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Netflix’s How To Build A Sex Room Is A Show You Absolutely Must Watch!

The Exciting Netflix Show titled How To Build A Sex Room features your favorite sexy real estate team the Property Dominators.

Filmed in Denver, Colorado, and showcases local businesses and familiar faces

You have a designated room for sleeping, dining, lounging, and cooking so why not have a dedicated room for all of your naughty activities? Yes, we are talking about sex.

Melanie Rose, the host of Netflix’s How To Build A Sex Room is an eight-episode show that incorporates sexy interior decorating for maximum arousal.

The show is fun and exciting, but many people were wondering about a couple of things…

  1. Where does Melanie Rose get her shoes?
  2. Who are these brave souls that dare broadcast what goes down in their sex lives?

Well, I definitely can’t answer the first question, but I can answer the second question because one of those brave souls is a Property Dominator.

Besides looking at tantalizing sex rooms you will be introduced to a variety of couples including our very own Property Dominator Soriya Case.

Soriya is an experienced professional dominatrix that loves finding the perfect home to fit your lifestyle.

So, if you are looking to purchase a home, sell a home, or look into getting your own sex room feel free to reach out to the Property Dominator for all of your sexy real estate dreams.

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